2013 Session Details

The Mayors Forum: Lessons in Urban Development & Generating Impact From the City Level
Washington state mayors come together for an open dialogue on dynamic maneuvers and impact being made at the city level in the quest to solve our nation's major economic, health and environmental challenges and improve quality-of-life for citizens. This is a rare opportunity to hear how your city CEOs are working around constraints and rousing multi-party collaboration to generate urban sustainable development solutions.
Actions Speak Louder: Getting Serious About Climate Change
Agricultural droughts, wildfires, Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina, and the list goes on of torrential storms and devastating weather events that have recently afflicted the U.S. We are now being forced to recognize the implications of climate change and the imperative of making preventative decisions to avert the worst of the effects and prepare for those changes that cannot be avoided. As both a global and regional community, we are at a critical juncture when we need true leaders to be bold, take a stand and trail-blaze experimental but real solutions. In this opening plenary, meet four leaders who have left business-as-usual at the door to carve pioneering paths toward a restorative future.
The Democratization of Finance: Bringing Capital back to the Community
Called "The Democratization of Finance," crowdfunding is shaking up the conventional financial paradigm. Why can't small-time investors put their money in their own communities? Innovators in crowdfunding are demonstrating ways to disrupt financing and investment systems to localize capital and make ownership accessible to small and medium sized businesses. This way of reinventing financial investment is said to strengthen local places and support small businesses, or is this just a fad that's re-concentrating resources where they already exist? Hear what leaders have to say about the latest trend, its legal barriers, and whether it's truly as democratic as it touted.
All Aboard: Innovative, Cost Effective and Cloud-Based Solutions for Regional Transit
Urban transportation and commuting challenges are growing quickly and continue to stress carbon levels and urban development alike. When infrastructure investment is both costly and time consuming, cities are beginning to find alternative transportation solutions in web-based technologies and localized innovation. Digital tools, technology and shared economics are making better commute options possible, increasing engagement and enhancing efficiencies to improve civic accountability and management. This session brings together varying perspectives that are leading the next wave of alternative transportation solutions.
Chasing Zero: Driving Markets & Entrepreneurialism to Eliminate Waste
Last year Washington reached its longtime goal of recycling half of all waste generated in the state. Leaders are already hitting the drawing board to tackle the other half. How can we rethink material use to eliminate waste throughout material life cycle? The answer lies in moving waste into value streams in which they can ultimately serve as raw materials for producing new products. Upstream, downstream and throughout the value stream, new approaches in resource recovery and recycling are helping eliminate waste and build new business opportunities. This new frontier of resource use requires clever market development, innovative partnerships and bold entrepreneurialism. Building on the discussion launched in 2012, learn how you can plug in.
How We Live & Work: Intersections of Health and Sustainability
The interdependencies between human health, well-being and sustainability are becoming acutely apparent. We know that a changing climate is already making a significant impact on the ability of human beings to enjoy healthy lives. Add to that the compounding effects of air and water pollution, industrialization and population growth and we are confronted with a complex planning and policy challenge. The key is to invest in healthy workplaces and community design as we work toward our greater sustainability goals. Come join the discussion with 4 different leaders who are making waves at the intersection of health and sustainability.
The Architecture of Change: Lessons from the Front Lines of Behavioral, Institutional and Cultural Change
There is a reason why most change attempts end in failure. That is because change managers are unfamiliar with the systemic complexity of change science and lack the know-how to strategically navigate inevitable opposition. This Lab presents the architecture of change and the key ways to make it last. Participants will challenge their mental modes and explore the nature of resistance through various lenses. Drawn from the frontlines of Starbucks, McKinstry and Puget Sound Energy, change making veterans share lessons ranging from relationship building to customizing language and messaging. Come prepared to have your archetypes rocked and your toolboxes filled to the brim.
Advanced Supply Chain Mapping: Building Vendor Relationships & Transparency
One of the most commonly cited obstacles in sustainability management is understanding the supply chain beyond your immediate vendors. For private and public sector alike, the challenge faced by organizations is to boost supplier engagement and bridge the gap between suppliers simply filling out disclosure forms and truly mapping environmental and social impact. We bring together demonstrations of mapping your multi-tier suppliers, strengthening visibility into procurement processes and building the kinds of relationships that generate impact.
Leverage Your Data: Tools to Build Your Sustainability Strategy
Whether you are a public organization, academic institution or private company, you are charged with not only managing your sustainability data but putting it to meaningful use. There are a variety of tools to help you get your house in order - improve your operations, carbon accounting, etc. But do the tools you've picked align with your sustainability strategy to put you on a holistically improved path? Learn about the tools different organizations have utilized to leverage their data management and set them apart as leaders.
Get Smart: Platforms for Accelerating Energy Efficiency
This is a good time to be working in energy efficiency in the Northwest. With the onset of smarter building, utility and grid systems, information-sharing and data transparency are becoming increasingly more accessible. In this demo workshop, learn how cloud-based, cross-platform management systems are accelerating energy efficiency performance as a result of stronger stakeholder collaboration, and improved energy monitoring, controlling and optimization. We'll walk through live portals/softwares to bring you and your organization up to the leading level and discuss how we can leverage tools, collaboration and commercialization to position the Puget Sound as a global leader at the intersection of EE and ICT.
Message Your Purpose: Story-Telling Frameworks that Reach Beyond the Choir
Stories have the power to entertain, persuade and inspire action. However storytelling in the sustainability space has grown weary with the same tired clichés, targeting the same old audience- also known as "the choir." When businesses, ventures and public organizations are bursting with new innovations, bold ideas and rippling advancements, how can they tear away from the white noise of "green?" To reach past the choir members, our charge is to re-write those stories, rediscover our purpose and communicate our roots, uniqueness and successes in a way that resonates and energizes the mainstream. This lab will introduce new frameworks that refresh your perspectives, add value to your narrative and learn how to reach new audiences with new media.